SCARFSHOP scarves are dyed by hand in small batches in Minneapolis, MN.
Low impact materials and methods are used whenever possible. 
Kettle dying in small batches with water based dyes gives fabric a rich and mottled appearance. Because each scarf is dyed in small dye lots, a slight color variation will occur from batch to batch.

We accept exchanges within 30 days of receipt. We don’t accept returns at this time, unless the product is damaged.

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About our dyeing process:
We use a low impact process when dyeing our scarves using both low impact dyes and natural dyes.

Our low impact processes utilise chemicals to achieve the desired color of a fabric, but the most harmful chemicals have been excluded from use or produce waste that is considered environmentally safe for release.

Our procion dyes (for cotton) are low impact, fiber reactive dyes. These dyes are nontoxic, safe, and eco friendly. They require only low temperature water processing and only salt and soda ash as auxiliary agents.

Our acid dyes (for wool) are ph-controlled dye baths that are slightly acidic. They operate on a closed loop system (where chemicals are captured and reused again and again, rather than being released as waste) or are exhausted dye baths (so that majority of dye agents are affixed to fabric, rather than released in the waste water).

Our natural dyes (for cotton & wool) are clay dyes made of natural and sustainable material mined from soil. They don't use any mordants and operate on a closed loop system.

We don't bleach our fabrics.

About our fabrics:
All of our products except our tote bags and cashmere scarves are made in our studio. The tote bags and cashmere scarves are made in India. This supplier works under the Max Havelaar and GOTS Fair Trade guidelines and independently supports 4 NGO’s working extensively for wild life conservation, disabled care and girl child education.

Our organic cashmere scarves are handwoven in the Kashmir region in India, in a protected state house. This not only employs locals but keeps them in a safe work environment and uses cashmere from goats in that region.

Our organic cotton fabrics are certified organic cotton which are fully certified by IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP or Ecocert and certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Our cotton fabrics are grown in the USA. Currently we are working towards 100% organic cotton for all of our cotton scarves.

About our efforts to reduce waste:
We have an almost zero waste product in terms of fabric. Our wool and organic cotton scarves are zero waste. Our cotton & GIANT cotton scarves have the selveges removed. These are saved and are being packaged for weaving goods.

We use recycled packaging materials.

All of our scarves are made to order.

We also sell all of our "mistakes" as seconds at a reduced price, so even not-perfect scarves get used :)

Our main environmental focus this year has been on reducing water used in production and we have been able to reduce our water use in our wool dyeing process by over 50% this past year.

As we expand our natural dyeing process we will be able to reduce water use in our cotton dyeing process as well.